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Benefit High Beam Review

28 Aug

Well today we would be talking about benefit’s High Beam.. This is the loveliest product my sister Tanya ever gifted me .. As i stay in India, its hard to get this product here but in US you can easily get it either online or from any cosmetic store or mall..

So, High Beam is a face illuminater which comes in a nail paint like bottle and a brush along with it, which makes it easy to apply.. This product is neither too thick nor too thin in constituency.. It melts easily on skin and is suitable for every skin type. Plus my skin don’t break out after applying it.. As the Indian weather is mostly Hot and Humid, so you cant just apply it daily everywhere.. I generally apply it on Parties and Functions (preferably the night ones).. as during the day your skin itself looks greasy and shiny..

I personally like those highlighters or illuminators that does not have big shimmer particles that shows off on application.. and this product is what i wanted.. It does not have any shimmer so your face does not look unnaturally shimmery or made-up on its application. Rather it instantly highlights your face as if the direct white light is falling on it..

The High beam is used after the foundation, over the cheek bones, nose, brow bone and all the high and rising parts of the face and decollete. One can even mix it in the foundation if in a rush.. but i prefer to work on different parts separately..

You must have seen many celebrities skin looking too glowy and pearl like shiny.. Here This product will give you that pearl like face and glow.. It highlights your face and accentuates the dull parts of your features..

I have used the other highlighters like MAC Prep + Prime, Body Shop radiance pearls etc but this is the best product i ever i had.. Plus if we compare the costs of these products, Its not less expensive than any of these.. comes near about the same price and even a little lesser than MAC but this product is worth every penny spent on it.. 

  • Rating: 4.5 out of 5
  • Recommendation: Yes i would definitely recommend it.
  • Cost: $26 but in India the price would be higher around 3000 INR.. 

Thats all from me on High Beam. If u want to share something feel free to express yourself.. Till then stay tuned..




*My Engagement Makeup*

28 Aug

Hey guys today i will be sharing with you the make-up i used in this picture and also how to use it.. so lets begin with it now..

Always remember the rule, never wear your attire before applying foundation. As you need to apply foundation on your neck as well so that you dont end up looking uneven skin toned.. try wearing a tube neck top or u can even go bare if you are all alone

So now lets begin with the FACE AND DECOLLETE MAKE-UP:

1. Follow your CTM- cleansing, toning and moisturizing routine.. Here i applied a panstick so i had to use a heavy moisturizer before that..

2. After that i applied MAC Prep + Prime to give a right base to my foundation.

3. After it i applied Kryolan TV paint stick.. Always remember one thing when applying this paint stick or any panstick, Dont just go blending the panstick rigorously as it has a different texture. Unlike your regular foundations, pansticks are thicker and heavier in application.Just remember to dab it with the fingers…  After this remove the excess with a tissue paper or a muslin cloth by gently rubbing it on your face in circular motions.. This will help you achieve the right finish and intensity.. I didnt apply any concealer before this as i found this panstick itself  to be sufficient enough to camouflage any of my imperfections..

4. After that i took a large fluffy powder brush to dust the Kryolan Transluscent Face powder on my face and then again i removed the excess by brushing a plain brush on my face and decollete..

After this one can wear the outfit as the major messy part is over..

5. After this i applied a pink blusher on my cheek bones.. Here i used L’oreal Blush Minerals 50 soft rosewood. This is an amazing blush.. it just gives u a hint of natural pink and dont look too pink like on application..

6. Then came the turn of the eye make up. For eyes i simply uses a silver eye shadow to lift and highlight my eyes and then Thick lined it with Loreal Gel Liner in Black and then applied two good coats of Mascara- Loreal paris Volume shocking mascara (black). Then i Lined the inner rim of my eyes with MAC Engraved Black liner.. This liner stays super long even if your eyes  are watery..

7. Then finally i applied a face illuminating pearls from Body shop on on the high/ rise areas on my face like the cheek bones, the brow bone, the nose etc and also on decollete. I dusted this using an angled brush so that the application must be precise..


  • On towel dried hairs apply a generous amount of serum or any pre-heat spray.. Then i divided my hairs into 3 sections ,using the hair clips…
  • After this i started curling my hairs in different sections.. You can also take the help of any friend or someone so that u may be able to do the back hairs completely..
  • For the Fringes on my forehead, i used a flat iron to straighten my fringes first and then slightly twisted the ends on the inner side so that it may curve a little towards inwards…
  • Once you are done with this spray a good amount of Hair setting spray on the hairs and try to spare the spray from reaching your scalp as this may damage your hairs and may cause them to fall more than usual..


  • On the lips i applied a peachy pink Lipstick from Maybelline.. I don’t remember the shade though.. and then using a lip brush i filled it with a little silver shimmer..
  • Then i sprayed on my favorite perfume and wore my jewellery to complete my look..

So now you know how i created this look of mine.. Hope you will like it..



Foundation? What Foundation?

27 Aug

Who wants to spend hours finding the perfect shade of foundation…?? or who loves looking cakey or ghostly white in the party pictures?? Almost no one! This is the one reason that I stay far far away from foundations! I can never find the “right” shade. And plus, in the summer we tan and in the winters, we don’t.. so do we buy two foundations?!?! thanks, I don’t want to go through the hassle of buying two different foundations!!! All we need is a perfect foundation that enhances our features (all year round), not cover them or make our skin tone a different color. I found the foundation that worked for me and I will share it with in this post! 🙂

Here it is: Estee Lauder – DayWear Sheer Tint Release

Claims: This unique tinted moisturizer enhances any skintone with a healthy, even-toned glow. Plus it delivers all the advanced protection benefits of DayWear, defending against signs of premature aging and diminishing their appearance. It gives skin a fresh, even-toned new glow. And also, one ultra sheer shade works for virtually every skintone. [Estee Lauder Website]

 Prevent with Super Anti-Oxidant Complex: this proprietary complex of skin-essential anti-oxidants-including Vitamins C and E, Eukarion and EGT-is proven to fight free radical damage that can lead to visible aging. DayWear helps defend skin with advanced broad-spectrum sunscreen

Enjoy Refreshing MoistureSince dryness can also cause skin to look older faster, DayWear refreshes your skin with deep, long-lasting hydration.


This fresh, light-textured formula smooths on to leave skin soft and supple.

  • Sheer tint enhances skin’s appearance.
  • Great for all skintypes.
  • Crisp cucumber scent is an instant pick-me-up.

Review: I wanted to get my make up done at Macy’s and asked them to use something that would provide a natural look. The sales lady used Day Wear all over my face and I couldn’t believe how good my skin looked after applying the foundation. I didn’t seem as though I had makeup at all, and yet my skin look even-toned and was glowing! The sales lady informed me that this foundation adopts and adjusts to the color of your skin! It comes out white from the tube but instantly matches your skin, so no need to go through the hassle of finding the correct shade! 

One more thing that attracted me about the foundation was its smell (I know it sounds weird) but this Day Wear has a cucumber sort of smell, which is so refreshing, especially in the mornings! I call it a foundation but its really a very hydrating moisturizer because covers up the flaky patches that I have on my face. And with all the added benefits and its sunscreen, I think it is essential for girls that want to avoid wearing makeup that covers up their features! Try this foundation out and I am sure your skin will be radiant and healthy.

  • Where to buy the product: Macy’s, Estee Lauder Websitre, Nordstrom
  • Price: $34.00

Hope you all find this information worthwhile! Do share your experience if you have ever used this product! 🙂


What to Wear *Clothing Haul*

26 Aug

In this blog, we have talked about almost everything, including fashion, bridal jewelry, makeup, and what not! The one thing that we haven’t shared yet is a CLOTHING HAUL! 🙂 So in this post, I will be showing you few of my favorite clothing items that I bought over the course of few months! 

“The Blue Dress”

This is actually a knee-length dress but just couldn’t capture that in the picture. I saw the dress (it was my mother’s pick) and I fell in love instantly because I saw it on Deepika Padukone once. Its extremely loose fitting & is very flowy! I bought it without trying it on!! I tried it on at home & it was super SHORT! This dress barely covered my thighs! Its more of a shirt than a dress.. so I am going to return it & find something else (will def. try it on before buying) 

“Polka Peplum” As well know, peplum is IN! I love how peplum makes us look like we are in shape by giving us sexy curves! I bought this top to wear to work because its cotton and I can dress it up or dress it down by pairing it with black/blue jeans. Its super comfortable with a zip in the back, which gives you a perfect body shape. I think owning a peplum top is a must have for this summer.


“Color me Coral” This is a cropped coral colored pants and it comes with a nice blue color belt! Let me tell you, I LOVE the color coral, almost everything in that color attracts me, be it color lipstick, blush, pants, or shirt.. anything! lol. I just love these pants because they are super comfortable and they are perfect for summer! Plus, they are cropped (a bit longer than capris) but just below the ankle. These sort of colored pants look great with white top or just any neutral color! I also have these nude flats that would go perfect with this pant!! 

“Leopard Blazer” Having a blazer is essential and a must-have item that should be in your closet. You can wear this sort of  blazer over variety of tops and shirts and end up looking classy and very well put together! I also love the hint of leopard print inside  the jacket and in the sleeves inside, it adds a funky theme to your entire outfit. I bought this jacket almost a year ago and wear it with almost everything!

“Purple Flowers” So I saved the best for the last! haha, I LOVE this dress! Its very summery and has a floral pattern. The one thing I love about the dress is the back, its halfway open from the back so it does not show everything but just a little bit. Like almost all the dresses, this dress is extremely short on my but I am not going to return in. Instead, I am going to wear it with black leggings! I haven’t worn the dress yet but will do pretty soon.

Hope you all enjoy our first clothing haul 🙂 Will definitely share more clothing haul soon!!


Ethnic jewellery I Love

24 Aug

Hey friends today i am going to share with you some selected jewellery pieces from my collection which i like too much and hope you would like it too and would get inspired to dress ethnically the right way…


Kundan Jewellery generally have a distinct red and green color which gives them an ethnic touch and the white kundans embeded into them makes them look royal and splendid.

This is a Kundan Anklet that i have and i love having it though its hard to wear it for a long time.. but since it looks so good I forget the uneasiness caused due to its hard metal like structure..Plus these kind of shapes are in vogue these days as they give a very traditional look to your feets.. I am really fond of such shapes but even if you don’t wanna go in for such shapes then you can also buy yourself other Kundan anklets which have a chain like structure and are easily available in the market.. If you really want to dress ethnically you must own a pair like such..

  • Where to buy this: Sony Art Jewellery, Rajouri Garden
  • Cost: 1195 INR


Maang Tikaa is yet another powerful ethnic accessory or jewellery.. You can wear it with any ethnic outfit and it suddenly enhances your looks… They look beautiful and are available in a variety of colors and designs.. These days you can go in for diamond look maang tikkas and also Kundan maang tikkas as i am also having.. The picture above is the Diamond look tikka which i wore with many of my Indian Ethnic outfits.. it goes well with gold as well as silver work.. so i use it many a times.

  • Where to buy this: Much More, Karol Bagh.
  • Cost : 550 INR when i bought it 2 years back.

The image above shows me wearing a Kundan Maang Tikaa.. I deeply love the color and design of this maang tikka.. Plus it suits me best..

  • Where to buy this: Much More, Karol Bagh
  • Cost: 450INR (bought it a year back)


I love having as many Kundan Rings i can have in my collection but this is the recent one i bought.  I wore with a maroon saree along with a Kundan Set and it looks lovely if you are going to attend a close marriage ceremony or some religious ceremony..

They completely enhances your hands but remember one rule- if you are wearing a bold ring like such then keep rest of your fingers empty.. Just apply a good nail color and thats it..

  • Where to buy this: Chun-mun stores, Pitampura
  • Cost: 500 INR( approx)


These bangles look very Indian and traditional.. You can wear them with Sarees, Lehengas and many other Indian outfits.. Just make sure they should compliment your outfit and jewellery, so best way is to purchase them the last..

  • Where to buy them: Saraswati Bangles, Rajouri Garden
  • Cost of the bangles: They cost me around 2400INR (set of two) 2 years back.


I really love the look of these earings i own, although they have become quiet common here.. but i still love them..  I bought then 3 years back since then i wore them approx 30 times to different occasions.. They go along with any color outfit and look very traditional..

  • Where to Buy them: I dont really remember the name of the shop but you can easily get them in any immitation jewellery shop easily..
  • Cost : 650INR

This is another pair of drop earings from my collection.. They sre truely opposite of the first pair i showed you because they have a more western look.. But goes well with traditional outfits.. They balances your look when you are wearing any traditional outfit and gives you a indo-western look..

  • Where to buy this: Jewels and more, Rajouri Garden
  • Cost: 550INR


This is yet one of my favorites.. I love the look of these kada..(I have a set)… I wear them with many outfits even the western ones too but they look more of traditional.. I wear them with mostly silver work outfts because despite of their golden base they look more of silverish kind because of the entire stone work.. And i will definitely suggest you to go in for such a kada, as u can anytime team them up with your regular bangles to accentuate them furthur and you can even wear them alone..

  • Where to Buy them : I bought them from chun-mun store, pitampura.
  • Cost of the set: 2500INR

Thats all from me for today.. will come with more of such accessories shortly.. till then stay tuned..



Accessories Forever *haul*

23 Aug

It is often said, “Diamonds are forever.. and how they are girl’s best friend” but apart from diamonds.. there are other pieces of jewelry that we are attached to and love! In this post, I am going to share some of my favorite pieces of jewelry with you all.

This is beautiful bracelet with a combination of pearls, gold, and a satin black string. It can be worn with a nice black dress or even with jeans for a nice evening out. The bracelet came with three bangles (as seen on left) but I usually wear the bracelet alone since I feel that its very pretty on its own! I bought this from Forever 21 for around 3-4 dollars.

This is a black statement ring with diamonds all around.. I bought this ring to wear it with my black sari and looked perfect with it. This ring can be accessorized with almost anything in your closet, but especially black shirts since the diamond in the ring will shimmer and stand out more! Also, I think every girl should own a black statement ring.. it can be an addition to any black dress. I bought this ring from Charlotte Russe for $2-3 dollars. 

This is my absolute favorite bracelet ever! Its a silver studded bracelet with a magnet head to attach and detach. I usually wear this while going to work because it adds an element of elegance and grace to almost any outfit. This bracelet may seem like it has a lot of bling-bling but in reality, its very subtle! Also, this is a forever sort of bracelet that will never go out of fashion and remain evergreen. I bought this bracelet from Banana Republic for around 19 dollars. 







This is a beautiful gold necklace that I bought 8 years ago!! (long time..huh?) As you can see, the gold polish has still not faded away and the necklaces looks just as beautiful as it did eight years ago. The last time I wore this necklace was at a wedding with a simple red color suit.. and I don’t know if this can be accessorized with western outfits but with Indian outfits, it looks beautiful! I bought this piece from Macy’s..  and honestly, I don’t remember how much I bought it for but if I had to guess, I will probably say around $20 dollars. 

Well, this is all for now! I have some more pieces of jewelry that I will share with you guys later! 🙂


Never Pay for a Manicure!

21 Aug

For girls, getting a manicure is a must in today’s day and age. If you are a working girl, then you have to look clean and neat from head to toe. Also, who doesn’t like getting pampered.. and massaged? Its so relaxing while somebody is massaging your hands and painting your nails while you’re just lost in your thoughts! BUT wait.. getting a manicure is all fun and games, until you are handed the bill. Getting a manicure is not THAT expensive, but if you do get a mani done once a month then it can add up over the years.

Well, today I went to get my nails done and I just realized that they use all OPI products that are readily available in the market. And it is today that I decided that no more manicures at a salon! I came home and researched some OPI products that were used while doing my manicure today. I admit that OPI products are not cheap, but they are one-time-buy-products that will last you a long time! So, here is the list of products used in the salon I visited today.

The Three (3) products you need to achieve a perfect manicure: 

1. Natural Nail Base Coat by OPI   2. Nailpolish   3. Top Coat by OPI








               1 Step: Natural Nail Base Coat by OPI – this product claims to prevent staining & promotes linger-lasting manicure. After removing the nail cuticles and your old nail polish, generously apply the Natural Nail Base Coat evenly on your nails. Give it about 2-3 minutes to completely dry before moving on to the next step.

2 Step: Apply the nail polish of your choice carefully on your nails. Use a Q-tip dipped in nail polish remover to remove the spilled over nail polish around the nails for a cleaner look. (Tip: for a nail polish to last longer, use good branded nail polishes such as OPI, Sally Hansen, Essie, or Zoya). Let the nail polish dry before moving on to the third step.

3 Step: Top Coat by OPI – this product claims to delivers unparalleled brilliance and luster, keeps colors true, prevents yellowing. After letting the nail polish dry, apply the Top Coat to finish off the look with a nice glossy shine.

Here’s the final look of the manicure I got today using the products stated above:

 Nail Polish Used: Paint My Mojitoes Red (NL B75)

After the mani, my nails are looking bright and clean and I LOVE the Red OPI nail polish, its great color to wear to work everyday!

But after reading this post, I am sure you guys are wondering that getting a manicure is not all about getting the perfect nail polish.. its also about removing the cuticles and cleaning underneath your nails. But worry not.. there are so many manicure kits available in the market that you can use to do your manicure. Here’s one Sally Hansen Manicure Kit

So this is all you need to get the perfect salon style manicure for a price that is a lot cheaper! Hope you all find this post helpful 🙂