MAKE-UP Tips that will help achieve your famous celeb look at no extra cost…

13 Aug

Hey Friends, We all like applying make-up when we are going out either with friends or any party but we must take care of the aesthetics because the difference between looking fabulous and looking awkward is just one missed step… So here i m to tell you a few tips by which you can make your work much better and fabulous.. So here we go….

1. The foremost step before applying any make-up is a good amount of moisturizing. Plus when we are talking about eyes, then we have to be a little extra careful as the skin around eyes is very delicate. For this one needs to necessarily apply a good eye cream before starting off.. This would also ensure that your   eye make-up base don’t look flaky or dry.

2. The second thing to remember is not to skip your eye make-up base and primer.. This ensures your eye make-up stays for longer and don’t bleed into the creases.

3. Try not to put all your makeup at once as in case of smoky eye makeup :putting on a heavy blush and an intense lipstick or a pound of bronzer will make you look sultry..  rather opt for just one thing either highlight your eyes or your lips…


4. If you don’t have a hand that settles your false eyelashes rightly, you can then use an eye lash curler to curve your eye lashes to the extend you want by using a hair dryer along with it.. first you apply a coat of mascara to your lashes then let it dry for a while, then warm the eye lash curler using the hair dryer an then curl your lashes using it.. after this apply another coat of mascara.. and wow.. u will get amazing lashes within seconds…


5. Always know your right facial shape so that you may learn the right way of applying a bronzer or a blush…

6. Be very careful while using glitter makeup.. don’t over do it or cluster it all up by applying glitter eye shadow and glittering lip stick or lip gloss all together.. 

7. If you are about to attend a wedding and your lipstick is making you look too loud then you can subdue it a little by dusting very fine glitter particles above your lipstick using a lip brush and blend it well.. this would provide a lasting effect to your lipstick as well as subdue it..  but again do it in moderation as too much of glitter can also look catchy and loud..

8. People generally apply makeup all over but forget doing the eye brows.. Your eye brows when done neatly will highlight your face nothing more than anything else in make up.. for this you can get a brow powder matching your eye brows and a very thin brush to dust that powder in between.. One can also use eye brow pencils but remember to always use a very good brand so that it may not give a sticky or catchy look..

9. Don’t go in for a matchy-matchy rule when dressing up for an occassion. One does not always need to apply the same colored eye shadow as your dress.. U can give a hint of that color in your make up but don’t end up wearing a mauve eye shadow with a mauve dress..

10. One also needs to pay attention to the basics like maintaining the right amount of light where you are applying your make up, the right temperature, clean hands, clean brushes and always keep a tissue by your side and your boy friend or husband as far as possible ( to avoid fuss. lolzz..).

Rest i will keep on updating this page so that you may learn better from my experiences..



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