Monsoon Essentials

15 Aug

Hey as monsoon is here, we have an additonal resons to cherish and enjoy life to the fullest! To celebrate the beautiful romantic weather, we can enjoy the company of the following trendy items to make our monsoons more enjoyable and bright.. So lets begin with these..

1. SEE THROUGH BAGS: This monsoon, you must buy yourself a see through bag in any bright color. This is the most triendist accessory that you can ever posses during any monsoon season.. It looks fashionable yet it can carry the burden of your essentail items like umbrella or another pair of clothing that you can change if you get drenched in the rains outside.. (who doesn’t love getting wet in the rain) 😉




2. UMBRELLA : We might be having a lot of rain this season but dump your old umbrellas for bright coloured transparent umbrellas to stand out in the crowd!!!


3. BRIGHT NAIL PAINTS: Skip your “old aunty’s nail polish colors” such as maroon and reds! Treat your nails to a new bright nail polish that will look vibrant under the gloomy weather! Opt for the trendiest and hip colors for the season such as bright yellow, bright pink, orange, lime green, and even magenta!

4. SUNSCREEN: Just because its pouring outside, it does not mean that you ditch your sunscreen!! Even if its cloudy, the UV rays can still penetrate through the clouds and can harm your skin! One should use sweat resistant and water proof sunscreen which will ensure that your sunscreen will stay put on your face.

5. STAY ON MAKE-UP: A face powder or a compact is a must have in the rainy season.. it makes sure that your face does not look greasy or oily while you are enjoying the rain outside.. Plus if you are in love with mascaras just like me, then buy yourself a waterproof mascara incase you dont have one.



6. ANTI FUNGAL CREAMS OR POWDER:  This may sound a little weird but i bet this would be the best thing you can use during emergencies on the oh-so-delicate moist skin of rains. The moisture and the rains outside can trigger fungal infections onto the skin anytime so if you are working you must have this product which you can use to stop any skin infections that may result in a bigger problem if left untreated on time..

So here i am finishing with this. If you still find anything you can add to this page feel free to say…



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