Outfit of the Day!

15 Aug

Hey everyone! So this is our first Outfit of the Day post! I wore this outfit when I was getting my graduation pictures taken! Its a very under-the-budget outfit that can be worn while going to work, date, or to just to spend a nice evening under the stars.

Here’s the look: 

What I am wearing:

  • Blazer: Forever 21 : I love wearing the blazer! It has an inner lining of an animal print. You can wear these sorts of blazer with almost any shirt or top and make it look classy and elegant. I invested in this blazer after watching Kim Kardashian wear it on KUWK! (lol, dont judge me, its a VERY entertaining show). I would wear this blazer any time and basically anywhere!!! Its a MUST HAVE!!
  • Price: $ 24.99 (I think, not too sure)
  • Top: Charlotte Russe : This is a chiffon top with a beautiful floral pattern, its very flowly and very comfortable! The size I bought was a little big on me so I mostly wear this top with a blazer or a cardigan. (btw, I am obsessed with chiffon tops – they tend to be perfect for the summer)
  • Price: $10.00 (on sale, I think regular price was around 20ish)
  • Jeans: American Rag (Macy’s) : These are the most comfortable pair of jeans I own! I have two shades of these skinny jeans.. the other one is darker than the one above. It does not have any bling bling or any designs on the butt pockets.. its just a basic jeans that look good with everything!
  • Price: $ 19.99 (reg. price is $30.00)
  • Shoes: Forever 21: I have such a hard time finding the perfect shoes as my feet are VERY broad! I cant wear heels or anything that is closed from the front! Before buying these shoes, I always thought that Forever 21 makes cheap shoes that probably last for 3-4 months but I was so wrong! These shoes were extremely comfortable and I wore them until they ripped (they lasted me over a year). And the patter is floral with red flowers and the texture is velvet typist..! I got a lot of compliments when I wore these shoes!
  • Price: $ 16.00 (I think, not sure)
  • Necklace: Papaya : Its a beautiful long necklace with a intricate peacock pattern on it! Its in silver so it looks good with everything and anything.
  • Price: Gifted (but probably around $2-3)
  • Bangles: Burlington Factory: Aahh, i have been wanting to buy the “real” bangles in glittery gold, black, and silver color but they are SUPER expensive at Macy’s! So one day while shopping at Burlington, I saw these bangles and instantly fell in love. They are obviously made of plastic (i think) and not as sturdy as the real bangles.. but they still end up looking good when I wear them! And yesss.. I wanted to buy these bangles after seeing them on KUWK.. haha.. 😉
  • Price: $2.00 (comes in a set of three.. black, silver, and gold)

So this is the Outfit of the Day post, hope you all enjoy it! Let me know if you have any more suggestions or comments! Would love to hear your feedback on this outfit.

xoxo 🙂


One Response to “Outfit of the Day!”

  1. Anushka August 15, 2012 at 4:52 am #

    good one! dressing well doesn’t seem so difficult 🙂

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