Perfect Square-Shaped Nails in Minutes…

15 Aug

Hey everyone! Okay, so having the perfect nails at work or when going to a date is a must! I know all you girls love the look of the square shaped nails with some bright and beautiful color! And the square shape nails are evergreen, they never go out of fashion. In this post, I will be telling you few simple steps to achieve the perfect looking nails without having to spend heavy amount in the salons!


Here i will provide you a few steps by which you can transform your round or oval shaped nails into square ones by just using the following simple tools that you might already have in your vanity case. The products are:


  • Nail Cutter/Clipper
  • Nail Filer
  • Nail Smoother – try the Sally Hanson 4 in 1 Nail Filer
  • Nail Buffer or a Transparent Nail Paint



First Step: Always remember to clip your nails in very small sections – this ensures that you don’t end up completely chipping off the you don;t end up making a deeper cut than required.


Second Step: Once you have got your roughly cut square shape start using a nail filler to give that shape more definition.. Remember to always file your nail in one single direction not to and fro. Filing your nail will make your nails even weaker and could lead to breakage.


Third Step: Once you have filed your nail well, take the nail smoother and smoothen out the edges very gently and neatly. To check if your nail edges is completely smoothened, rub the edge of your nail on any piece of cloth…here if you notice some sort of rougness  then smoothen it out again, till it is completely done.. This step is Important as this would ensure that your newly shaped nails don’t chip off too easily..

Fourth Step: After this you can use a buffer to either buff your nails for a healthy glow or you can also apply a coat of clear transparent nailpaint for a healthy sheen.

Fifth Step: You can also apply a Vitamin E enriched cream to your nails and cuticles at bedtime daily. This would help fortify and nourish your nails making them strong and long in a couple of days…

Hope this way helpful!! 🙂



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