Transforming yourself from a simple girl to a Fashionista..

15 Aug

Well we all dress up and shop things emptying our pockets considerable but have we ever thought what are we buying for..? Here i will be telling you about a few things that can easily transform your look from simple to chick.. Just follow any of them and see the results.. Here we go…

 Jacket or Blazer

Adding a jacket or any bright colored blazer instantly transforms your look and will give you the right chick and elegant look you always wanted.If you are going to a party or on a shopping spree with your friends just add a blazer above your outfit along with the heels to make a bold statement. But remember one rule dont wear the brights at your office or workplaces else they would do the wrong job…

 BIB Necklaces

BIB Necklaces are in vogue these days and i am in love with them.. They have the ability to transform any dull outfit to a chick one in seconds..

Ripped light blue jeans and white Top

I just love the look of a ripped jeans with a white top and i want every girl to have these in their wardrobe as a fashion essential.. This look is just Superb ..!!

Wedges and Strappy Sandals

If you want to give a bold look opt out for a high heeled wedge or you can also make an statement with a classy pair of strappy pencil heels.. They look lovely and fabulous on anyone anywhere…!!


I love the look of Peplum, whether it is a skirt or a top or a dress.. Peplum just looks Fabulous and waering them, you will get that WOW factor you always wanted to have.. so go ahead and buy yourself a Peplum..

Leather trousers

Leather is something that i feel can never go out of fashion and investing in a leather trouser or leather look trouser would turn out to be your best deal ever.. They look Chick and Fashionable every season and at every occasion.. Match-Mixing it with the right kind of top or shirt and accessories will enhance your simple looks to the more bolder ones.

Animal print accessories

Animal Print accessories transforms any outfit and make it more glamorous looking.. so go for the one and look trendy.!!

 Branded Handbag

A branded handbag will always enhance your look even if you are wearing the simplest of the clothes.. Because they itself are a fashion statement and carrying it makes you look fashionable itself.. I am personally very fond of  Louis Vuitton bags but not really fond of the prices. lolzz.. !!

Dip back tops with leggings

Dip back tops looks chick yet are very comfortable enough.. On pairing them with a tight or legging or even with your skinny jeans, would give a decent as well as chick look all together..

Sequined Top or Dress

Sequined Dress or Top will give you the right red carpet look if you are going to any party.. The look of these dresses and tops look good to any body type and complexion.. Thus this becomes a must have in your wardrobe and can be used during any urgency..

So here i have explained a few things that i am in love with.. Hope you too will find the above things useful and worth..




4 Responses to “Transforming yourself from a simple girl to a Fashionista..”

  1. kanika August 16, 2012 at 1:40 pm #


  2. chesta August 18, 2012 at 5:41 am #

    awsome n vry informative..

  3. chesta August 18, 2012 at 5:43 am #

    awsome jus loved it jigyasa..

  4. Shikha August 18, 2012 at 5:45 am #

    i like it

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