Dress Like Katrina Kaif

16 Aug

Hey guys! So one of our readers, RD, really enjoyed reading the “dress like…” posts and requested us to do a tutorial on Katrina Kaif’s look in Mere Brother Ki Dulhan (funny movie btw..). So keeping RD and Katrina Kaif in mind, we have created this “dress like…” post for you all.

Here’s the look that we will attempt to recreate!

The look is casual yet stylish and seems effortless! So lets, get started on how you all can achieve this look.

First Step: Find a graphic tee that is a bit loose on you.. if you wear a medium, opt for a large. It will give you a very effortless look.

3.Find @:http://www.urbanoutffiters.com  Price: $29.00                               4. Find @: http://www.mango.com Price: $19.99







Second Step: Pair these white tees with colored denim. To create Katrina’s look, we will use coral colored denim. (Tip: with colored denim, always choose a white tee or a neutral color to keep a balance.                                                                   

                           1. Find @:  www.store.alloy.com   Price: $29.90                          2Find @: Levi’s Amazon Price: $17.43

Third Step: Accessorize, wear colorful bracelets or just mix and match your color rubber bands! Adding colorful jewelry just makes the look more funky and fun!

Find @: http://www.asos.com

So this is it! Its easy and fun! Hope you all enjoyed this post. 🙂


One Response to “Dress Like Katrina Kaif”

  1. RD August 17, 2012 at 2:04 am #

    Awesomeeee!! thank you SO SO much ismidiva for doing this… I love it.

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