Clarin’s Toner with Iris Review

19 Aug

 I am in love with this Toner and i personally feel this toner to be the best for oily skin type.. It is alcohol free and contains Iris which is known for its soothing properties on skin.. this makes it a good product for oily skin types..

After using this product i have seen my complexion being more luminous than before.. It glows with a healthy shine plus the pores look minimized within a couple of weeks of its usage..

It doesn’t rip your skin off the moisture yet it does not give an oily feeling..  It takes away all the left over impurities from your skin without any scrubbing…  Before purchasing it i used its samples which i got as free samples along with Clarin’s cleansing milk.. After using those samples i really liked them, even i liked them more than the cleansing milk that i initially bought.. so i ended up buying it within 2 weeks..

I am the one who really hates even the slightest oilyness on my face.. So when i am out i usually carry it with me and use it as an astringent on the way if my feels tired or if it needs a little rejuvenation after a heavy day of work.. 

This provides a right base to your moisturizer and doesn’t allow any product to clog your pores..  

So far i have had a very good experience with this product and would continue using it til i find a much better product than this..

Cost/Price : It costed me 1225 INR 

Recommendation: Yes i would definitely recommend this toner for everyone who is dealing with oily skin..

Rating: I would rate this product 4.5 out of 5..

In case you have any experiences- either good or bad with this product, then please feel free to share it with us.. 

Looking forward to hear from you..

Jigyasa and Tanya



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