Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse Foundation – Best Drugstore makeup?

19 Aug

Finding makeup or the right shade of foundation is a tedious process! I never seem to find the right shade..ever! And this whole finding-the-right-shade process had really made me wary of purchasing any foundation for my face. BUT.. for a long time, I had been looking into purchasing a face foundation just so I could get a glowy and clean look on my face. So today, I decided to visit CVS and bought myself a Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse Foundation.

I think the whole Maybelline Dream Liquid Foundation had around 8 shades, which is really good for people with different skin tones. But having these many shades can be sooo confusing, I think its so much simpler to pick a foundation when its labeled as Light, Medium, and Dark! But anyhow, after staring at the shades for 10 mins, I picked up the foundation in Pure Beige (Medium 2).

Picture of the Product: 

Before and After: Right without the product & Left with the product

I tested it on my hand, and it looked very cakey and I could easily tell that my hand had foundation on..but I guess in the picture, its less noticeable. So maybe this foundation comes out looking good in pictures.

Review: This may sound a bit funny but even after applying the foundation on my face, I still can’t tell if its the right shade. I mean, the color blended pretty well but I can still tell that I have foundation on (I thought this was suppose to give a “natural” look). Also, I have really dry skin (since I use Retinol) so after I applied the foundation, my skin looked very flaky and very cakey. And I hate the look of a face when it looks cakey (thats another reason, I stayed away from buying a foundation). I feel that the foundation does not have any moisturizing qualities to it but I am going to try a little trick by mixing my moisturizer with the foundation..hopefully this will help with my flakey skin issues. Also I noticed that after having the foundation on my face for about 15 mins, it seemed to have settled down and didn’t look as bad as it did when I first put it. Oh well..I am going to try it with my moisturizer and see if it works. If not, then it can quietly sit in my drawer.. lol 😉

  • Texture: Its not liquidy or too thick
  • Rating: 7/10
  • Would I recommend: Hmm.. yes, maybe to people who don’t have dry skin!
  • Price: $9.49

Let me know if you guys know of any other or (better) foundations! 🙂



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