L’oreal Matte Morphose

21 Aug

I was using L’oreals Infallible foundation since a year but i wanted to get a better products as i sometimes felt that it gave me a little darker and pale look.. Moreover it did give me a great coverage but it also gives a cakey like feeling and you will need to use a compact along with that.. When i got fed up using that i wanted to switch over to better product so i ended up buying this Loreal matte morphose foundation or souffle. Unlike the previous one, it didnt give a cakey like feeling on application.. Plus it is matte because of which it becomes an ideal product for summers, but dont worry even if you have normal to combination skin, u can still use it as it doesnt dry your skin off.. after a few minutes of application it settles down perfectly on face giving your face a bare natural look..

During winters too, even if your skin is shedding or gets dry and flaky sometimes, this products wont give you a flaky skinned look.. Just apply a little moisturizer before it and it will make your skin smooth in seconds.. This is why i love this product so much..

Talking about its coverage, well the coverage of this product is very smooth and homogeneous,  blends easily.. But unlike it promises, i  dont think that this product can help hide wrinkles, so no talking about it..

As most of us who have pimples and blemishes tend to go in for the foundation or mousses more, so here i would definitely ask you to buy a good concealer along with it so that you look flawless because it doesn’t have the ability to hide imperfections completely..

The best part of this souffle or foundation is that you can use it almost everyday.. It doesn’t give a foundation like look.It melts perfectly on your skin and gives you a light natural coverage.. It doesnot clog pores that means you wont break out after applying it and it stays on for a good amount of time..

Besides this, this products gives a glow to my skin on application which stays on throughout the day..  so i am happy using it even though it lacks a few qualities..

Price/ Cost : 1095 INR

Recommendation: Yes i would definitely recommend this product to everyone, but would suggest dry skin types to check its application before making the purchase..

Rating : i would rate this product 4.2 out of 5


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