Ethnic jewellery I Love

24 Aug

Hey friends today i am going to share with you some selected jewellery pieces from my collection which i like too much and hope you would like it too and would get inspired to dress ethnically the right way…


Kundan Jewellery generally have a distinct red and green color which gives them an ethnic touch and the white kundans embeded into them makes them look royal and splendid.

This is a Kundan Anklet that i have and i love having it though its hard to wear it for a long time.. but since it looks so good I forget the uneasiness caused due to its hard metal like structure..Plus these kind of shapes are in vogue these days as they give a very traditional look to your feets.. I am really fond of such shapes but even if you don’t wanna go in for such shapes then you can also buy yourself other Kundan anklets which have a chain like structure and are easily available in the market.. If you really want to dress ethnically you must own a pair like such..

  • Where to buy this: Sony Art Jewellery, Rajouri Garden
  • Cost: 1195 INR


Maang Tikaa is yet another powerful ethnic accessory or jewellery.. You can wear it with any ethnic outfit and it suddenly enhances your looks… They look beautiful and are available in a variety of colors and designs.. These days you can go in for diamond look maang tikkas and also Kundan maang tikkas as i am also having.. The picture above is the Diamond look tikka which i wore with many of my Indian Ethnic outfits.. it goes well with gold as well as silver work.. so i use it many a times.

  • Where to buy this: Much More, Karol Bagh.
  • Cost : 550 INR when i bought it 2 years back.

The image above shows me wearing a Kundan Maang Tikaa.. I deeply love the color and design of this maang tikka.. Plus it suits me best..

  • Where to buy this: Much More, Karol Bagh
  • Cost: 450INR (bought it a year back)


I love having as many Kundan Rings i can have in my collection but this is the recent one i bought.  I wore with a maroon saree along with a Kundan Set and it looks lovely if you are going to attend a close marriage ceremony or some religious ceremony..

They completely enhances your hands but remember one rule- if you are wearing a bold ring like such then keep rest of your fingers empty.. Just apply a good nail color and thats it..

  • Where to buy this: Chun-mun stores, Pitampura
  • Cost: 500 INR( approx)


These bangles look very Indian and traditional.. You can wear them with Sarees, Lehengas and many other Indian outfits.. Just make sure they should compliment your outfit and jewellery, so best way is to purchase them the last..

  • Where to buy them: Saraswati Bangles, Rajouri Garden
  • Cost of the bangles: They cost me around 2400INR (set of two) 2 years back.


I really love the look of these earings i own, although they have become quiet common here.. but i still love them..  I bought then 3 years back since then i wore them approx 30 times to different occasions.. They go along with any color outfit and look very traditional..

  • Where to Buy them: I dont really remember the name of the shop but you can easily get them in any immitation jewellery shop easily..
  • Cost : 650INR

This is another pair of drop earings from my collection.. They sre truely opposite of the first pair i showed you because they have a more western look.. But goes well with traditional outfits.. They balances your look when you are wearing any traditional outfit and gives you a indo-western look..

  • Where to buy this: Jewels and more, Rajouri Garden
  • Cost: 550INR


This is yet one of my favorites.. I love the look of these kada..(I have a set)… I wear them with many outfits even the western ones too but they look more of traditional.. I wear them with mostly silver work outfts because despite of their golden base they look more of silverish kind because of the entire stone work.. And i will definitely suggest you to go in for such a kada, as u can anytime team them up with your regular bangles to accentuate them furthur and you can even wear them alone..

  • Where to Buy them : I bought them from chun-mun store, pitampura.
  • Cost of the set: 2500INR

Thats all from me for today.. will come with more of such accessories shortly.. till then stay tuned..




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  1. Shikha August 24, 2012 at 7:14 am #

    nice one

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