What to Wear *Clothing Haul*

26 Aug

In this blog, we have talked about almost everything, including fashion, bridal jewelry, makeup, and what not! The one thing that we haven’t shared yet is a CLOTHING HAUL! 🙂 So in this post, I will be showing you few of my favorite clothing items that I bought over the course of few months! 

“The Blue Dress”

This is actually a knee-length dress but just couldn’t capture that in the picture. I saw the dress (it was my mother’s pick) and I fell in love instantly because I saw it on Deepika Padukone once. Its extremely loose fitting & is very flowy! I bought it without trying it on!! I tried it on at home & it was super SHORT! This dress barely covered my thighs! Its more of a shirt than a dress.. so I am going to return it & find something else (will def. try it on before buying) 

“Polka Peplum” As well know, peplum is IN! I love how peplum makes us look like we are in shape by giving us sexy curves! I bought this top to wear to work because its cotton and I can dress it up or dress it down by pairing it with black/blue jeans. Its super comfortable with a zip in the back, which gives you a perfect body shape. I think owning a peplum top is a must have for this summer.


“Color me Coral” This is a cropped coral colored pants and it comes with a nice blue color belt! Let me tell you, I LOVE the color coral, almost everything in that color attracts me, be it color lipstick, blush, pants, or shirt.. anything! lol. I just love these pants because they are super comfortable and they are perfect for summer! Plus, they are cropped (a bit longer than capris) but just below the ankle. These sort of colored pants look great with white top or just any neutral color! I also have these nude flats that would go perfect with this pant!! 

“Leopard Blazer” Having a blazer is essential and a must-have item that should be in your closet. You can wear this sort of  blazer over variety of tops and shirts and end up looking classy and very well put together! I also love the hint of leopard print inside  the jacket and in the sleeves inside, it adds a funky theme to your entire outfit. I bought this jacket almost a year ago and wear it with almost everything!

“Purple Flowers” So I saved the best for the last! haha, I LOVE this dress! Its very summery and has a floral pattern. The one thing I love about the dress is the back, its halfway open from the back so it does not show everything but just a little bit. Like almost all the dresses, this dress is extremely short on my but I am not going to return in. Instead, I am going to wear it with black leggings! I haven’t worn the dress yet but will do pretty soon.

Hope you all enjoy our first clothing haul 🙂 Will definitely share more clothing haul soon!!



2 Responses to “What to Wear *Clothing Haul*”

  1. RD August 27, 2012 at 11:05 am #

    Enjoyed a lott!! want more clothing haul plzzz,.and absolutely LOVE the peplum top and the coral pantss!!

    • ismidiva August 27, 2012 at 11:16 am #

      Thanks Rd! More clothing hauls will be coming up soon 🙂

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