Benefit High Beam Review

28 Aug

Well today we would be talking about benefit’s High Beam.. This is the loveliest product my sister Tanya ever gifted me .. As i stay in India, its hard to get this product here but in US you can easily get it either online or from any cosmetic store or mall..

So, High Beam is a face illuminater which comes in a nail paint like bottle and a brush along with it, which makes it easy to apply.. This product is neither too thick nor too thin in constituency.. It melts easily on skin and is suitable for every skin type. Plus my skin don’t break out after applying it.. As the Indian weather is mostly Hot and Humid, so you cant just apply it daily everywhere.. I generally apply it on Parties and Functions (preferably the night ones).. as during the day your skin itself looks greasy and shiny..

I personally like those highlighters or illuminators that does not have big shimmer particles that shows off on application.. and this product is what i wanted.. It does not have any shimmer so your face does not look unnaturally shimmery or made-up on its application. Rather it instantly highlights your face as if the direct white light is falling on it..

The High beam is used after the foundation, over the cheek bones, nose, brow bone and all the high and rising parts of the face and decollete. One can even mix it in the foundation if in a rush.. but i prefer to work on different parts separately..

You must have seen many celebrities skin looking too glowy and pearl like shiny.. Here This product will give you that pearl like face and glow.. It highlights your face and accentuates the dull parts of your features..

I have used the other highlighters like MAC Prep + Prime, Body Shop radiance pearls etc but this is the best product i ever i had.. Plus if we compare the costs of these products, Its not less expensive than any of these.. comes near about the same price and even a little lesser than MAC but this product is worth every penny spent on it.. 

  • Rating: 4.5 out of 5
  • Recommendation: Yes i would definitely recommend it.
  • Cost: $26 but in India the price would be higher around 3000 INR.. 

Thats all from me on High Beam. If u want to share something feel free to express yourself.. Till then stay tuned..




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