Get the Bollywood Look: *Sari Special*

3 Sep

Hey there, as the wedding season is approaching many of you girls must be thinking about your bridal trousseau! As saris in the bridal trousseau are essential, so is getting a perfect looking sari “blouse”..! In this post, I will be discussing few blouse designs that you can opt for your bridal collection. Most of the blouse designs are modern and extremely trendy!

Style #1: Shimmer Look

As I was searching I came across this wonderful blouse that Priyanka Chopra wore at an award function.. the greatest advantage of this blouse is that it has both golden and silver work, so you can easily club it with any saree of your choice… another thing which i liked about this is that its is neither too shimmery nor too simple looking.. has two different types of fabrics and work on it,which gives it a kind of uniqueness.

This is such a blouse that you can either get stitched with the blouse peice of your own saree or you can also customize it by buying different pieces of fabrics.. it would definitely be hard to get the exact looking fabrics but you can easily get similar looking fabrics.. If i would have to create such a blouse then i would have used a golden brocade fabric for the chest and back and an embellished lace (can get it easily from a good lace shop) for the straps..

Style # 2: Velvet Look

This is a combination of net and velvet and looks really different from the rest.. Plus the use of two different colors in this makes it look more better.. One can even use the same two shades if one desires like you can see kareena wearing a red blouse… This design looks very girly and modern.. and wont even cost you too much on its stitching.. Remember to get the cups applied during the stitching as you cant really wear anything underneath as the net makes it completely transparent looking from the shoulders part..

Tip: Use a dark shade of velvet in such a blouse otherwise the effect wont be as good.

Style # 3: Embellished Look

Another hot looking design is this one which Kareena is wearing.. You can get this design stitched very easily from your local tailor if you know the right things to get for its accessorizing.. Here you need to buy yourself some good buttons or you can even use stones to create the straps of this blouse… One can also make the use of big beads for the same purpose.. (these will be easily available in the markets)..

Always remember that the USP of such a blouse should be taken care while you are wearing a saree above it.. i mean you must try to crunch the pallu of your saree as far as possible so that the straps you have created may be seen and dont go unnoticed.. Moreover such designs are worn with very simple plain sarees and even printed sarees with no heavy work or emblishments..

Style # 3: Strapless Look

Another hot looking pattern is the tube Blouses.. You can easily team them up with any and every saree.. But i just love the look of the net sarees with such blouses and again as seen in the picture, keeping your neck bare with such a blouse will give a much bolder and hotter effect… Here Priyanka is wearing a tube blouse with shimmer as the base and net as the main body of the blouse.. This effect of Lacey looking blouse and shimmer underneath gives a very different look to the regular tube blouses.. So if you have any plain net saree or similar looking sareee in your bridal collection, then do get this similar looking blouse stiched for yourself..  I am sure you will look ravishing like Priyanka wearing this…

Style # 4: Thin Strap Look

Net sarees are in trend these days.. so i think nothing can ever go wrong with this look of Kareena in which she is wearing a simple thin strapped Velvet blouse with a net saree.. This can be the simplest blouse you can ever have and the most trendiest one o the contrary.. its easy to wear and carry off..

It can suit almost every ocassion, which means you can wear these at any party even if it is a casual one..

This is all for now.. let us know if you like any of the looks above! If you need help with your blouse design, do write to us on




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