CLARINS cleansing milk with Gentian

6 Sep

While i was searching for a good milk or cream based cleanser that i can use while i am out or on an vacation, i came across the counter of clarins where the girl at the counter showed me this cleanser.. She told me that this is a cream based cleanser for oily and combination skin type, that does not require to be washed off after the application, but to my dismay i cant just stand this product if i dont wash my face after using it.. So the purpose of me buying this cleanser got in a vain as i wanted a cleaner after which i dont need to use any water.. because i wanted to use it while travelling.. so here i got disappointed..

But  the thing i liked about this cleanser is that, even if i have previously washed my face with face wash and then use it afterwards, i still get to see the dirt on the tissue paper.. This means this removes the dirt to the extreme level..

After applying it my face suddenly starts glowing.. next morning my skin look much fresher and luminous.. which makes me happy at the very beginning of the day…

So I generally use it at night but wash my face with water after it so that my face wont feel oily, then i use clarins toner with iris..( love the toner though)..

Unlike its oily texture this product has never resulted in breaking out.. I have been using this product since four months and even though it is hot and humid here, i have not got any break outs due to this product, so this way i like this product.. 

  • APPLICATION: To make this cleanser effective, the key is the application. Instead of massage on your face as other cleansing milk, u need to press on and off your face with the palms. First, your hands must be dry, then warm the milk to body temperature. Press the milk against and off your face and your hands must do it quickly as if your hands got burned, more like a suction mechnisim to draw out the purities. As you press on and off, the milk becomes stickier, for about another min or two, the sticky milk becomes oil. When you feel the milk is completely melt into oil, massage in circular motion. Then wipe it off with cotton or a moist tissue.(You can also wash your face with water just like i do it)
  • RATING: 3.9 OUT OF 5
  • RECOMMENDATION:  Yes, would recommend it, if you desire to get a facial like glow every morning..(depending upon how it will suit your skin type)
  • PRICE: 1025 INR
  • WOULD BUY AGAIN: I think i will as the qualities i liked about this cleanser are more than the ones i disliked.. 

I think i have told you enough about this product, still if you want me to tell you anything more, then do give me a chance to assist you..

till then stay tuned..




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