Hide those Flaws away..

17 Aug

Hello beauties,

It is said that after having a baby your life changes, but i would say that your life changes for good. Its a way God makes you realize the importance of being and having parents and the love we share is incredible.. Well i just loved this sudden transformation from being Jigyasa to Mumma.. love you Nick.. But hmm.. as it is said pregnancy and lactation comes with its own problems.. One of them which i faced badly are the PIMPLES.. eww..!! I had terrible marks on my face and the process of fading is very slow.. Really i cudnt go out with such a spotty face for days and used thousands of concealers to cover them but none of them worked to that desirable extent..

One fine day when i entered the store of MAC , i wanted to buy a peach blush but suddenly that girl in the store applied this concealer on one side of my cheek and wow.! the pimples were almost invisible.. and then i suddenly jumped in to by this product .Check the before and after pictures..

BEFORE   image(7)    AFTER    image (1)

Here i am wearing MAC Prolong wear concealer NC 30.. and you will notice a huge transformation.. My marks seem almost gone and i am having a healthy glow without any foundation on.

image (1)

Benefits of the product:

  • MAC has a huge collection of shades to match ones complexion perfectly.
  • Hides imperfections perfectly
  • Stays for a very long time even when you are outdoors or in a humid weather.
  • Doesnot look cakey
  • An ideal product for brides and newly weds
  • You can use it without foundation too. Just apply a compact after it and you are ready to go.

What i didnt like about the product:

hmm.. well it is the quantity (just 9 ml). I think it is injustice (hee hee)  Tell MAC to provide a good quantity of this wonderful product at this price..

Price: Rs 1200.

ID Rating: 4.9/5

now if you wanna look flawless which is a very tough job, then go and grab this.. It will make you feel good really..

For other wonderful products stay tuned..


One Response to “Hide those Flaws away..”

  1. chesta August 17, 2013 at 1:07 pm #

    yeah sure miss beautiful

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