Chemically treated hair? Help is here!

15 Sep

Chemically treated hair or colored hair requires a good amount of moisturisation and conditioning.. when i got my hairs chemically straightened i wanted to use the best possible products that may prevent my hairs from falling off and getting dry.. so i asked my hair dresser for the same and then she recommended me this hair mask from Schwarzkopf.. i bought the shampoo too as i wanted to use a complete set of the same brand..the consistency of this mask is thicker than the conditioners (as it is a mask obviously) but unlike the conditioners, i found this mask to be more beneficial to use regularly..

How to use it:

  • Wash hair with shampoo and towel dry.
  • Once the hair dries, apply a very small quantity of this mask at the ends.. (don’t touch the roots or scalp)
  • Leave on for 5 mins and then rinse off with luke warm water till the water runs clear..
  • After towel drying the hair again, apply a good serum to complete the process.
  • If you want to give yourself a hair spa.. this product will be the right product to deliver you the salon like results at home. To do so, after shampooing and towel drying your hair, divide your hair in section and apply the product generously (according to the length of your hair) and let the product soak in for 15 minutes. After, comb your hair using a wide tooth comb, and then steam your hair with a warm towel for about 2-3 times. Finally, wash your hair till the water runs clear.. and this is it.. your at-home hair spa is complete.
  • Just dab on a little serum and enjoy the great texture of your hairs

My Review:

  • After using the product my hair became soft and manageable.. from the very first wash itself, i could see the difference in the texture of my hair.
  • It gave a good volume to my hairs, unlike other hair masks it didn’t weight my hair down.
  • It acted as a very good replacement for my conditioner and now i don’t feel like using a conditioner..(even if it comes far cheaper than this product)
  • Its makes your hair so soft that even after drying out, the hair is tangle free and can be combed easily (even in case the hair is wet and does not have serum)
  • Lastly, it made my hair shiny, silky, and bouncy.

What I didn’t like about the product: 

  • This product does  not protect hair from falling off… 😦
  • Secondly, the price is a little high..
  • Moreover, this product is more effective if applied to towel dried hairs and if you are using it on wet hairs you have to apply an extra quantity of the i find the process a little time consuming as i am always in a rush while taking a bath.
  • Rating: 4 out of 5
  • Recommendation: yes i would definitely recommend it to all those looking out for a good nourishing mask for their chemically treated hair and even if your hair is not chemically treated you can still use it to make your hair soft and silky
  • Price: 680 INR for 200 ml
  • Will I buy it again: Yes definitely and i am buying this product since 3 years already.. 🙂

so here i have told you about one of the best hair products i am using… will be telling about the serum too.. so till then stay tuned..




*My Wedding Pictures*

10 Sep

Heyyyy dolls! So as promised, today I am going to show you guys my wedding pictures and will provide with all the detail you need to have a perfect wedding!! I am super excited about the post but also nervous at the same time.. I really hope that you all enjoy my wedding look. So here’s the post with the pictures and all the gossip bits of the wedding time! 🙂

First let me just start by saying that organizing a wedding is the most challenging task in the world.. the main things like catering, booking a hall, etc can be done easily but its those small things that take the life out of you. By small things I mean.. finding the right dupatta, the matching earring, or the perfect shoe!

My love story: I had a love marriage, I can almost say that it was love at first sight from his side..we met at a family wedding and my husband’s brother introduced us, then we talked and talked for hours before he finally asked for my number.. and then as they say.. “rest is history”..

The Wedding Events: All the main wedding ceremonies happened in Delhi, but my reception was in Punjab (as my husband is originally from Punjab). The mehendi function was a lot of fun as I had all my relatives, cousins, and friends by my side.. I just love having a full house of people running around finishing this and that! The sangeet function was a small family function, where I performed to “dheeme dheeme” song from the movie, Zubeida. It is such a close song to my heart and I wanted to dedicate it to my loving husband.

My outfit: I always knew that I wanted to wear a lehenga in the color red and something that was not too with that in mind, I began my quest for the perfect bridal lehenga. My mom and I went to chandini chowk but our dismay, we didn’t really find anything.. all the lehengas were either too gaudy or were to heavy for me to carry the weight around. But finally later, my mom suggested that we visit Karol Bagh.. and it is there that I found this lehenga. It was love at first sight..I love all the dainty details..its perfect and I love especially love the sheer dupatta. Having a sheer dupatta helps because then you can show-off your hair adornments. The shop that I bought the lehenga from is now closed.. ( I know *sad face*) but  I am glad I was able to find this jewel of a lehenga before the store closed down! And the lehenga was orginally 1K but after the discount and all, it came out to be 85K. I am in love with the lehenga and plan to wear it again during one of my cousin’s wedding! 🙂

My Jewelry: At the time I was getting married, the chunky bold Jhoda-Akbar sets were in fashion.. so I opted to wear a bold statement piece with my lehenga. Originally I bought a much more lighter necklace but it go with my lehenga, so I opted for something that was a bit heavier. I also wore a nose ring, because I think a nose ring really completes a look of a was a clip on nose ring and didn’t irritate me the entire day.. but only when it came time to eat.. haha. I know many of you girls out there must be hesitant to wear a nose ring.. but trust me, you should definitely think about wearing one because it will compliment your face and your entire wedding look.

My Makeup: I just visited my local beauty salon and they did an amazing job with my makeup… I also directed them a bit by telling them not too put too much foundation and blush, as they generally tend to make the brides look cakey. I don’t know the exact names of the products used on me, but I can say that all the products were Mac. I wanted a natural look with a bit of a glow..and I am glad I was able to achieve that look. Also, my makeup stayed on for a long time, it didn’t come on until I pretty much washed it off of my wash.

Here’s a close up of my makeup: 

Alright guys, I am going to stop talking now and leave with you some more pictures!

So this is it.. the most awaited post! Hope you all enjoyed this wedding post. If you have any questions related to the wedding or absolutely anything, then do post your comments and I will reply to you as soon as possible.



CLARINS cleansing milk with Gentian

6 Sep

While i was searching for a good milk or cream based cleanser that i can use while i am out or on an vacation, i came across the counter of clarins where the girl at the counter showed me this cleanser.. She told me that this is a cream based cleanser for oily and combination skin type, that does not require to be washed off after the application, but to my dismay i cant just stand this product if i dont wash my face after using it.. So the purpose of me buying this cleanser got in a vain as i wanted a cleaner after which i dont need to use any water.. because i wanted to use it while travelling.. so here i got disappointed..

But  the thing i liked about this cleanser is that, even if i have previously washed my face with face wash and then use it afterwards, i still get to see the dirt on the tissue paper.. This means this removes the dirt to the extreme level..

After applying it my face suddenly starts glowing.. next morning my skin look much fresher and luminous.. which makes me happy at the very beginning of the day…

So I generally use it at night but wash my face with water after it so that my face wont feel oily, then i use clarins toner with iris..( love the toner though)..

Unlike its oily texture this product has never resulted in breaking out.. I have been using this product since four months and even though it is hot and humid here, i have not got any break outs due to this product, so this way i like this product.. 

  • APPLICATION: To make this cleanser effective, the key is the application. Instead of massage on your face as other cleansing milk, u need to press on and off your face with the palms. First, your hands must be dry, then warm the milk to body temperature. Press the milk against and off your face and your hands must do it quickly as if your hands got burned, more like a suction mechnisim to draw out the purities. As you press on and off, the milk becomes stickier, for about another min or two, the sticky milk becomes oil. When you feel the milk is completely melt into oil, massage in circular motion. Then wipe it off with cotton or a moist tissue.(You can also wash your face with water just like i do it)
  • RATING: 3.9 OUT OF 5
  • RECOMMENDATION:  Yes, would recommend it, if you desire to get a facial like glow every morning..(depending upon how it will suit your skin type)
  • PRICE: 1025 INR
  • WOULD BUY AGAIN: I think i will as the qualities i liked about this cleanser are more than the ones i disliked.. 

I think i have told you enough about this product, still if you want me to tell you anything more, then do give me a chance to assist you..

till then stay tuned..




6 Sep

Hey as Tanya has just posted a blog related to one of her tinted lip balm, so now i will also be sharing with you one of my favorite lip tinting balm from MAC..

I bought this MAC fuchsia fix tinted lip conditioner a year ago, since then i have been using it regularly..

This Lip conditioner comes in a big round pot which makes it easy to apply.It gives your lips a rosy tint and glow along with conditioning your lips.. i sometimes even use it under my transparent lip gloss for the natural pink looking lips..

This balm will give your lips a healthy flush of color without actually giving a heavy feeling. The color would stay for a fairly long time.. Moreover it has a very fresh vanilla smell and comes in a variety of shades to suit your need.. i bought a little dark pink shade as i wanted this intense pink look on my lips, but u can buy lighter shades and even coral shades.. they have 4 -5 shades in these.

The greatest disadvantage of this product is the high price..  because many other cheaper options are available in the market.. But even if this product is expensive, still you get an advantage of getting a lot of product in this pot.. so thumbs up for that…!!

As it has SPF 15 you can wear it under your lipsticks as well to get the sun protection and conditioning.. And for those who want to their lips to look naturally pink and bare, this product is a boom for them..

  • RATING: 4 out of 5
  • RECOMMENDATIONYes i would definitely recommend it even for those who have very dry lips
  • COST: 860 INR

Since i bought it i have had a good experience with this product, in case you know a better product than this, then feel free to share your experiences with us..



Color me Raspberry – Lip Balm Review

6 Sep

For the longest time, I was searching for a tinted lip balm with a hint of color in it. As a student, I hate wearing lipsticks because I think they make you look a bit too mature for your age, so that’s why I was searching for a lip balm that could be youthful and fun at the same time. I saw the Clinique Chubby Stick Lip Balm but found it a bit expensive, so my quest continued and continued.. Today, I went to CVS to pick up a few things and was just looking at few nail polishes and out of the corner of my eyes, I spotted a Wet n Wild Juicy Lip Balm” .. and this is when my quest for a lip balm ended!


  • Review: The lip balm comes in four shades: Raspberry, Cherry, Strawberry, and Watermelon. I swatched the Strawberry lip balm on my hand and I could barely notice it.. so there was no point in getting that one. Out of all the four shades, I found Raspberry much more appealing and brighter, so I opted for that. The color of raspberry balm is sort of like darker shade of pink, which looks beautiful, especially during the daytime in the sun.
  • Application: The balm goes on smoothly and has a long staying power (I used the balm few hours ago and my lips are still tinted pink.. so yay!). Also, the balm is moisturizing and does not dry out the lips.
  • Would I recommend: Definitely yes, if you want to avoid wearing lipsticks or lipgloss..(I HATE lip glosses.!!) Next time, I am actually going to buy it in Cherry.. just because its more peachy and I LOVE the color peach!!
  • Rating: 9/10 – I gave it a 9 because there is not really any fruity smell.. its just..blah.. I guess scentless.. BUT the lip balm does protect against UV rays and has SPF 15!
  • Price: $2.50 (mind blown.. in a good way, its extremely cheap for such a chubby stick) 😉

You have any lip balms in mind..? do share with us!


Get the Bollywood Look: *Sari Special*

3 Sep

Hey there, as the wedding season is approaching many of you girls must be thinking about your bridal trousseau! As saris in the bridal trousseau are essential, so is getting a perfect looking sari “blouse”..! In this post, I will be discussing few blouse designs that you can opt for your bridal collection. Most of the blouse designs are modern and extremely trendy!

Style #1: Shimmer Look

As I was searching I came across this wonderful blouse that Priyanka Chopra wore at an award function.. the greatest advantage of this blouse is that it has both golden and silver work, so you can easily club it with any saree of your choice… another thing which i liked about this is that its is neither too shimmery nor too simple looking.. has two different types of fabrics and work on it,which gives it a kind of uniqueness.

This is such a blouse that you can either get stitched with the blouse peice of your own saree or you can also customize it by buying different pieces of fabrics.. it would definitely be hard to get the exact looking fabrics but you can easily get similar looking fabrics.. If i would have to create such a blouse then i would have used a golden brocade fabric for the chest and back and an embellished lace (can get it easily from a good lace shop) for the straps..

Style # 2: Velvet Look

This is a combination of net and velvet and looks really different from the rest.. Plus the use of two different colors in this makes it look more better.. One can even use the same two shades if one desires like you can see kareena wearing a red blouse… This design looks very girly and modern.. and wont even cost you too much on its stitching.. Remember to get the cups applied during the stitching as you cant really wear anything underneath as the net makes it completely transparent looking from the shoulders part..

Tip: Use a dark shade of velvet in such a blouse otherwise the effect wont be as good.

Style # 3: Embellished Look

Another hot looking design is this one which Kareena is wearing.. You can get this design stitched very easily from your local tailor if you know the right things to get for its accessorizing.. Here you need to buy yourself some good buttons or you can even use stones to create the straps of this blouse… One can also make the use of big beads for the same purpose.. (these will be easily available in the markets)..

Always remember that the USP of such a blouse should be taken care while you are wearing a saree above it.. i mean you must try to crunch the pallu of your saree as far as possible so that the straps you have created may be seen and dont go unnoticed.. Moreover such designs are worn with very simple plain sarees and even printed sarees with no heavy work or emblishments..

Style # 3: Strapless Look

Another hot looking pattern is the tube Blouses.. You can easily team them up with any and every saree.. But i just love the look of the net sarees with such blouses and again as seen in the picture, keeping your neck bare with such a blouse will give a much bolder and hotter effect… Here Priyanka is wearing a tube blouse with shimmer as the base and net as the main body of the blouse.. This effect of Lacey looking blouse and shimmer underneath gives a very different look to the regular tube blouses.. So if you have any plain net saree or similar looking sareee in your bridal collection, then do get this similar looking blouse stiched for yourself..  I am sure you will look ravishing like Priyanka wearing this…

Style # 4: Thin Strap Look

Net sarees are in trend these days.. so i think nothing can ever go wrong with this look of Kareena in which she is wearing a simple thin strapped Velvet blouse with a net saree.. This can be the simplest blouse you can ever have and the most trendiest one o the contrary.. its easy to wear and carry off..

It can suit almost every ocassion, which means you can wear these at any party even if it is a casual one..

This is all for now.. let us know if you like any of the looks above! If you need help with your blouse design, do write to us on



Dark Circles… hate ’em?

1 Sep

Dark Circles. Everyone hates them and everyone has them! I wish there was a magical wand that could just erase those dark circles .. our face would instantly become bright and would show no signs of tiredness.. but this is just a dream.. hopefully, they can create a magical “beauty” wand in the future!! 😉 Coming back to the all you ladies, I have tried several eye creams for dark circles, but none seem to work. I apply my eye cream every night, sleep with it, and still NO results! But recently, I just saw a commercial for Clinique Even Better Eye Dark Circles Cream and I am tempted to buy it! In this post, I will be reviewing two of the eye creams that I have used in the past and will also be reviewing the new Clinique eye cream.

First Eye Wand: Estee Lauder Hydra Complete (Multi-level Moisture Eye Gel Creme)

  • Claims: hydrates away fine lines & eye area looks revitalized. Includes a proven combination of mineral-rich Bio-Water and exclusive Hydra-Insulation™ technology. Exclusive Biosine helps this vulnerable area maintain a strong moisture barrier. This refreshing gel cream instantly soothes lines and puffiness. 
  • Review: On the Estee Lauder, most of the reviews seem positive but again, why would EL leave negative comments unattended 😉 I used this gel in the past and honestly, it made no difference in my dark circles and did not help with puffiness and swelling around the eyes. But the gel definitely left my eye area moisturized at all times. The reason I stopped using this product is because it STINGS!! Yes, you read it right, this product used to sting and my eyes would become watery and very itchy! So this gel is definitely not for girls with sensitive eye areas!
  • Would I recommend: Not really, just because it doesnt help with dark circles and it stings!
  • Rating: 2.5/5
  • Price: $40.00

 Second Eye Wand: Clinique All About Eyes

  • Claims: diminishes the appearance of eye puffs, darkness, fine lines. Lightweight, non-creep, cream/gel formula actually helps hold eye makeup in place. For use morning and night, under eyes and on the lids.
  • Review: I think this eye cream is much better than the one above! It definitely adds a lot of moisture around the eye area but again, like all the other eye creams, I never see any results in my dark circles. But I think this eye cream is better suited for people who have puffiness around their eye areas. I always use this eye cream at night so it can keep my eye area hydrated! And unlike the Estee Lauder, this eye is suitable for sensitive skin.
  • Would I recommend: Yes, for people who have puffiness around eyes
  • Rating: 3/5
  • Price: $30.00

Third Eye Wand: Clinique Even Better Eye Dark Circle Corrector

  • Claims: An oil-free, hydrating cream that visibly lightens dark undereye circles. Look more rested with this oil-free cream that works to keep skin nourished while lightening dark undereye circles. The skin-strengthening ingredients make skin less transparent, while the cooling massage tip breaks up puffiness. Sheer optics create an instantly brighter look for all skintones from fair to deep, leaving skin healthy and younger-looking. 
  • What else you need to knowThis product is clinically proven to visibly lighten dark circles by 30 percent in 12 weeks and is ophthalmologist tested.
  • Review: I read many reviews on this product and this eye cream got an average of 4 stars, which is pretty good for an eye. Many people did say that it helped with dark circles, but on the other hand, many complained of it being too oily and heavy on the eye area. The thing that tempts me towards this cream is the fact that it comes out in the color “nude” or rather, “peach color” , which is pretty interesting because it is an eye cream and not a concealer. From what I have read, its not meant to be used as a concealer because its far too sheer to conceal anything.
  • Rating: 4.5/5
  • Would I recommend: Yes, I am definitely thinking of investing in this product
  • Price: $39.50

Let me know if you have tried any eye creams that have reduced your dark circles! 🙂